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Who is Ed Harris?

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38 Special Wadcutter

 Questions & Answers

.38SplDEWC - Copy

30-30 Assault Rifle

The 25-35

Making 25-35 from

30-30 (.30WCF) Brass

25-35 Winchester

Load Testing

Thoughts on .22 Handguns

A Full Race

.303 Rifle


ED w303

Cast Bullets Turn the

.32 ACP Into a Bunny Buster



America's Greatest,

All-Around .30-'06


The 32 ACP Revisited



32 Cal. Small

Game Rifles Revisited


The Versatile

.38 Special


A .45 ACP Rifle?



Test of Old

.30-’06 Ammo


How Good is old

USGI M1911 Ball Ammo?


Test of Old

32ACP Ammo


32 “Pop” Guns


32ACP Pocket Pistols


32ACP Velocities


A Complete Package

for Casting & Reloading .38/357


30-’06 Gallery Test Loads

.22LR Ammunition

Velocity Tests


Tiny Handgun Cartridges Are Also Rifle Small Game Rounds



Sturdy As A Brick!

.45 Convertible Blackhawk


32 Smith & Wesson Long

Getting Serious About Fifty

Yard Results in the .38 Special


Sidebar to accompany

.38 Special Test results

A Winchester Lever

in .35/.30-30


Velocity vs. Barrel Length

In .38 Special

Bullseye Powder .44 Magnum “Medium” Velocity Loads

Revisiting the .45 ACP Revolver and Cowboy Special Brass

An Adopted “Beast”

Gets A Buddy…

45 Colt New Service



100-Yard Accuracy Results of Selected .38 and .357 Magnum

Cast Loads in a BSA Single-Shot and Marlin Cowboy Rifle

Having your Cake

And Eating it Too!

(Hollow Point Bullet Moulds)


The RCBS “Little Dandy”

Powder Measure


Button nose


Flat-Nose Wadcutter

The CZ52 in

7.62 x 25mm


How Long is

.22 Rimfire Ammo Good For?

Revisiting the Full Charge Wadcutter and the “FBI Load”


Reloading Out of

Frank’s Ditty Bag

(Ideal/Lyman 310 Tong Tool)



Observations on Chamber Inserts and Subsonic Rifle Loads

Handgun Shot Loads

The 32 Smith & Wesson


Q&A on Flat Nosed

Bullets in Tube Magazines


Single Barrel Shotgun


My Old Fart Eyes


“One Handgun”

for the Non-Hobbyist

Consider a .38 (or .357) Revolver



“The Load” is

13 Grains of Red Dot

Revisiting the “Game Getter”

Shot or Ball in a .44

(or even a 45!)



Ed’s Red Recipe

Why Crimp Semi-Auto

Rifle Loads?



Ed’s Alliant Bullseye Data



Loading Cast Bullets In the 9mm Luger/Parabellum

Ruger P85



Cast  Bullets in an AR?



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