Last Update 11.27.01

PB - Plain Flat Base

BB - Bevel Base

RGG - Round Grease Groove

SGG - Square Grease Groove

SM - Small Meplat

MM - Medium Meplat

LM - Large Meplat

OCG - One Crimp Groove

TCG - Two Crimp Grooves

GC - Gas Check

SWS - Semi or Wadcutter Shoulder

1DB - One Driving Band

2DB - Two Driving Bands

XDB - Number of Driving Bands

RSWS - Rounded Semi Wadcutter Shoulder

SBB - Short Bevel Base

LBB - Long Bevel Base

EB - Extended Base

OD - Oversized Diameter

NDB - No driving band in front of Crimp Groove

LEEF - Loaded either end forward

BRN - Bore Riding Nose