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GEO A. HENSLEY #39 Hollow Point Conversion

© 2014 – Thomas C. Dugas

Designs Number 50 (left) and 39 (right)…

Hensley & Gibbs ledger entry for #39…


Another great hollow point conversion by Erik Ohlen at Hollow Point Bullet Moulds.

This is an old GEO. A. Hensley (the "Hensley" in Hensley & Gibbs)  pre 1941 two cavity mould.   I ordered a deep hollow point pin set along with a pin set to make standard Lead Round Nose (LRN) bullets.  The mould currently pictured has one pin of each style (One Hollow Point, One Lead Round Nose).

The Hensley & Gibbs factory ledger for #39 is:

#39 - .38 S&W Special and .38 Super. 158 grains. "Standard" round nose. One large rounded grease groove, one crimp groove, round nose. Similar to Ideal #358311, for customer. Available in plain base or bevel base or gas check base. Note that for .38 Super #39BB should be used, to be able to seat to full depth. December 10, 1941.


Here is the mould before the conversion:

I currently load this bullet in .38 Special and .357 Magnum loadings for hunting/plinking use.  The bullets are tumble lubed with Lee Liquid Alox (LLA) and loaded on a Dillon 550B.

Here are a few pics after the conversion:


Solid point pin and hollow point pin and bullets…

The solid point bullet is just a tiny bit longer than the hollow point…




Loading Data & Targets:

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