Hensley & Gibbs #107 .44 Caliber Full Wadcutter

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Original Article Date: February 2010



A recently acquired two cavity #107 Hensley & Gibbs Plain base mould.  I've had this one on my list for some time and finally managed to get it this week.  These are the first photos of it.  I plan to cast up some first projectiles this week and develop a mild .44MAG load for target shooting. 


This mould does not appear in the ledger, I had to create the entry myself based on numerous sightings on eBay over the years.  107 appears in the 1994 Catalog in several weights, A, B & C (i.e. 107A – 240 grains…etc…) I surmise it was a popular mould at one time, being an almost perfect copy of the ever popular #50 full wadcutter but in .44 caliber.


(All photos are linked to larger photos/Click on photos for larger picture)


The mould photo:


Link to much larger High Res Photo of #107:




Just got finished casting with the new mould.  No complaints about performance.  Seems I have the 107A at ~240 grains.  My pot is filled with wheelweights at the moment, so 240 grains seems about right for a # 107A according to the catalog.




Here is the range report from yesterday. 


5.5 Grains of Unique with Hensley & Gibbs #107A


I am testing loads between 5.0 and 6.0 grains of Unique.  Doesn't seem to be any point in loads past 6.0 grains with this projectile.




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