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Unfinished Business

Background on the Dobe Grant Page

© 2014 – Thomas C. Dugas


Anyone who is a fan of Skeeter Skelton will recognize the name “Dobe Grant.”  Dobe was Skeeter’s print manifestation of several people he knew in his life.  Skeeter’s “Dobe Grant” stories are among my favorites of Skeeter’s writings.


I purchased “Good Friends, Good Guns, Good Whiskey” Skeeter’s first collection of his writings back in the early 1990’s when I lived in Texas.  I grew to love that book and I read it often, the stories are well written and timeless. Later on I purchased Hoglegs, Hipshots and Jalapeños” Skeeter's second book.  It also became a favorite of mine.


Around 2010 I purchased “I Remember Skeeter” by Skeeter’s wife, Sally Jim Skelton.  That last book, published after Skeeter’s death, answered several long unanswered questions I had about Skeeter, his characters, and his life.  It was with extreme sadness that I read in the final pages the story of Alex Bartimo visiting Skeeter’s home shortly after his death and finding a writing pad on his desk with a paragraph that began: “A curl of mesquite smoke surrounded his hat as he bent before the hot fire…” 


Skeeter had been working on a new Dobe Grant story when he died.


I kept thinking about that moment. 


Unfinished business.


No writer ever finishes all of the stories he has in him.  And over time I began to wonder what that final unfinished story might have been.  So, I tried.  I’ve been continuing the story of Dobe Grant for my own edification for several years now and finally decided I would share them.


Understand I undertook this effort simply out of my own interest in trying to see where the tale of Dobe might have gone had Skeeter lived to finish that short paragraph.  I am certain that many of Skeeter’s unwritten tales about future Dobe Grant stories exist with Skeeter’s friends and families.  Never to see the light of day.


So, this is my effort to continue the story of Dobe Grant.   I will publish new stories as long as I or you find them interesting.


They will all be dedicated to the legendary Skeeter Skelton.


Thomas C. Dugas



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