Hensley & Gibbs Design #135 Two Cavity Hollow Point Conversion 2014 Thomas C. Dugas

February 2007


The Hensley & Gibbs Design Number 135 is similar to the Ray Thompson designed Ideal/Lyman 358156 Gas Check design:



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Another great hollow-point conversion of a two cavity mould by Erik Ohlen at Hollow Point Bullet Mould Service.


The mould is a late production two cavity Hensley & Gibbs Design #135, or a copy of the Ray Thompson designed Lyman 358156 Gas Check for .38 Special/.357 Magnum.  This late production mould has the mould handle tang grooves of .308", or the "thick style" which is interchangeable between two and four cavity late style Hensley & Gibbs moulds.  I would place production at between 1991 and 1999.  I carefully photographed the mould before I sent it to Erik to document the before and after condition. 


I purchased this mould off of eBay around 1996, it was one of my first eBay purchases and I have never cast with it.  I have several designs of the #135 (2C, 4C, 6C) and this was a safe queen until I finally decided I needed a hollow-point version.  This mould block was the obvious choice as it's the only one I have of the later "thick" handle design.


The hollow-point is a "cup-point" style design.  When I ordered the conversion, I left the details to Erik after simply specifying I wanted "cup-point" hollow-point.


I plan on casting up some hollow-points this weekend with it and loaded up some of my favorite "Skeeter Skelton" loads for .357 Mag.





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More Photos




The results of the first casting session with the now Hollow-Pointed mould.  Bullet weights seemed to hover ~153 grains as cast.  Zero problems with the mould.  The photos depict the product of about a 45 minute casting session.  I was also casting with a Lyman 452424 Hollow-Point Mould at the same time for rhythm.










Ready to go to the range....Model 27 5" + Hensley & Gibbs #135 Loads with W296


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